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Public consultation on a new food store at the Deeping Centre

Welcome to the public consultation for a new discount food retailer in Market Deeping.

The Deeping Centre in Market Deeping will be applying for planning permission for a new foodstore, following negotiations with Aldi. Aldi conducted their own public consultation earlier this year, and received a very positive reception locally. The results of their consultation can be seen below.

The new store is intended to be constructed on the eastern part of Deeping Centre site, currently occupied by the petrol filling station, car parking and the vacant plot on the corner of Godsey Lane. See below for the details of this proposal and a map of where the new building would sit within the site.

We are keen to hear what you think about these proposals – details on how to respond can be found at the bottom of this page.


Supporting the town centre

Unlike an out-of-town supermarket, having a food store at the Deepings Centre would support local businesses, as shoppers would make linked trips to other local shops and services.

An economic report commissioned from CACI, an independent and respected retail consultancy, shows that:

  • The addition of a discount supermarket to Market Deeping town centre is projected  to generate a further £1.4 million spend in existing high street businesses.

  • Lidl’s edge of town location does not bring any uplift for the rest of the town.

To improve the connections between the new supermarket and the town centre, the Deeping Centre will invest in:

  • Improving wayfinding and signage

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Market Deeping says YES to new food store at the Deeping Centre

In April 2022, Aldi carried out a consultation on opening a new store in Market Deeping. The response from the public was overwhelmingly in favour, with 85% of people saying that they wanted a new discount food store in Market Deeping town centre. The Deeping Centre will therefore be submitting a planning application to South Kesteven Council to allow the changes to the centre and the new building to house the new foodstore.

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What people said:

• Good for the area / local economy

• Looking forward to an Aldi

• Will reduce travel times

• Good use of land

• Good Location

• Will create jobs

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Planning application

The Deeping Centre is currently drawing up a planning application to submit to South Kesteven District Council, for a new store to the east of the current Deeping Centre currently occupied by the petrol station.

This application will:

  • Deliver a brand new food store with a floor area of 1803 sq.m of which the sales area will be 1315 sq.m

  • Apart from the removal of the petrol filling station, no other changes to existing floorspace is proposed

  • Increase the total number of parking spaces on the site from 240 to 257, including new electric charging points

  • Make improvements to the access from the Godsey Road roundabout

  • Provide new, high-quality landscaping on the site

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Access and parking

While we always encourage people to visit this sustainable town centre location by foot and on public transport, we know that the car park at the Deeping Centre is important to those who drive. These plans therefore Increase the total number of parking spaces on the site from 240 to 257, and will deliver a number of new electric charging points

Motor vehicle access will continue to be from Godsey Lane, with improvements to the entrance.

About NewRiver – the owners of the Deeping Centre

NewRiver PLC is a leading listed Real Estate Investment Trust specialising in managing and developing shopping centres throughout the UK. We are proud to work in partnership with over 60 different local authorities to regenerate and protect the towns we are invested in to create long-term social and economic growth.

We are a long-term investor in Market Deeping, having run the Deeping Centre for over ten years, and understand that the success of Market Deeping town centre, the market, and the Deeping Centre are all interconnected. We want to invest further in improving this centre.

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